So, your child wants to get more fit and have fun doing it?

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So, your child wants to get more fit and have fun doing it?

November 07, 2020

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DX3 FIT classes are a great stand-alone class for anyone looking to increase their athleticism and fitness regardless of involvement in any sport. DX3 FIT classes are also a great complement to single sport athletes looking to reduce injury and increase athleticism by focusing areas not addressed in their primary sport.

DX3 FIT delivers a training system that develops agility, speed, and strength for youth, regardless of activity. DX3 FIT teaches and practices a methodology of cognitive learning through instructional and physical application. Athleticism & Developmental Fitness can be taught and continuously improved using the right methodology. The key is to ensure the child understands the proper techniques, how to implement them, and how they are applicable to their improved performance.


Engage in a fun way to improve the perception of youth fitness.

Empower and excite kids to encourage participation.

Improve confidence and sustainable habits for overall well-being.