Homeschool Ninja

At All 4 motor skills, strength and balance, coordination and flexibility are at the core of everything we teach. Combine these basics with a healthy dose of tumbling, trampoline, and obstacle course skills and you have a skill set that is not only tons of fun on its own, but transfers to other sports as well. Our Homeschool Ninja program utilizes the Ninja Zone curriculum to improve student’s skills and abilities in each of these areas in a fun and challenging way.

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Advanced Ninja

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Homeschool Ninja class for ages 4-12 teaches balance, strength, coordination through obstacle courses, tumbling and trampoline skills.


  • Cartwheel
  • Kick to handstand
  • Ninja rolls
  • Bridge
  • 3 re grip swings
  • Gargoyle hang
  • Window escape
  • Precision jump
  • Front kick
  • Side kick
  • Back kick,back kick
  • Jump 180 and 360


  • $99/monthly (25% off for each add’l class)
  • Siblings receive automatic $10 discount
  • No long term commitment required
  • 14 Day Money Back Guarantee


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