School Cheer Clinic

School Cheer Clinic Series 2021 Frisco

All 4 School Cheer Clinics and Mock Tryouts will teach skills and provide practice to help athletes of all levels of experience try out for school cheer with confidence.

Cheer Clinics just $99 per month

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Prepare for school cheer up to 4 nights a week for just $99 per month in January and February. All 4 School Cheer Clinics will be held Monday through Thursday from 7:00 to 8:00pm for just $99 per month. These weekday classes teach skills in jumps, motions and chants with a focus on preparation for tryouts.


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Tumbling a bit rusty or need more time in the gym? Stick around for pointers and open tumbling from 8:00 to 8:30 for just $30 more per month (total of $129 per month for both).

Mock Tryouts $30

Get real feedback from coaches that have experience personally judging school tryouts and who will be using the school tryout score sheets. These Saturday clinics are $30 and last 1.5 hours.

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Don’t want to commit?

  • Drop ins for Cheer Clinic - $25 per class
  • Drop ins for Open Tumbling - $10 per class

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