So, you think you might want to be a Ninja?

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So, you think you might want to be a Ninja?

November 07, 2020

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Maybe your child is flipping off the couch all the time and you want them to get some training, so they do not break something, give you a heart attack, or both! All 4 can help in all these scenarios! Or maybe they just have tons of energy and needs some direction to channel it in athletic way. All 4 uses the amazing Ninja Zone curriculum to do all these things.

Ninjas combine many amazing skills, the coordination of gymnastics, the strength and agility of obstacle training, and the creativity of freestyle movement. A child’s progression is determined by their own pace, handing them the tools to shape their own experience. By letting children advance individually, within a defined and collaborative program, children of all ages and genders receive more than athletic gifts. They are strong, confident kids.

In addition to the athletic component, Ninja Zone instills a character component because we are dealing with little kids and we want to support what the parents want, and that is to raise good humans. We want kids to build grit and confidence. Gymnasts learn how to practice instinctual safety. Kids do not realize how to protect their own body. Ninja Sport is changing that.