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All 4 offers several options that are the perfect opportunity for athletes (and parents) who are interested in All Star or School Cheer, but not sure what cheer is all about.

All 4 Cheer classes provide athletes with a fabulous opportunity to hone and develop new skills while having fun, getting fit and making friends! In Pee Wee Cheer (Ages 4-6) and Intro to Cheer (ages 6-10) athletes learn all the most important physical aspects of cheer; tumbling, motions, and stunting. School Cheer is for ages 10 and up and focuses on introducing skills in preparation for school cheer tryouts.

We also offer All Star teams for all levels and abilities. Some teams require no tryouts and you can sign up below during open sign up periods. To learn all about our All Star Program please click here.

" My kiddo started at All4 when she was 4.... She went from barely doing a back bend to throwing tucks in a year's time. Their coaches are that good. Now she wants to go so much, I have a permanent spot on the bench! The friends there have become family. "

Shannon O’Sullivan


Intro to Cheer

This class will expose potential cheerleaders all the skills it takes to be a real cheer leader. Exposure to all the components of cheer - Tumbling, Jumps, Motions, and Stunting. Ages 6 to 10, co-ed.

School Cheer

School Cheer focuses on the skills needed specifically for school cheer - Tumbling on turf and hard floor, Spiriting, and Jumps. Ages 10 and up. This class will provide all the skills necessary to try out for school cheer with confidence.

Pee Wee Cheer - Ages 4-5.

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