Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available for athletes wanting to work one on one with a coach. This is a great way to supplement classes for athletes wanting extra work on a specific skill, wanting to progress more quickly, or needing more individualized coaching.

Please check out all our amazing coaches and then click contact me to fill out the coaches form. They will respond as soon as possible.

Limit of 2 athletes sharing a private.

Coaches will set their own schedules and will handle payment directly with you.

If you need help finding a coach, please feel free to email us at

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Coach Cyndi
Description: I love the sport of gymnastics! I have been involved in this sport for well over two decades. I was a gymnast as a child and was on a team in Plano, TX. I have two teenagers, my daughter is a high level competitive gymnast. With her going through the USAG program through Junior Olympics (JO) level 10, I learned a lot along the way. I enjoy coaching our developmental team, Hot Shots, and our pre team, Rising Stars. I love working with girls that are motivated and ready to learn more! Even if they are not on the team, there are still so many fun and exciting things to learn. I am a stickler for technique. I strive to coach your athlete the correct way of doing their skills, which means drills and repetition. Every child is different, therefore each lesson will be different. I am also a Master Certified sports mindset coach. I integrate a positive attitude and a positive mindset when coaching. Sometimes athletes get "mental blocks" and need more steps mentally to help them through their challenge. I can't wait to help your athlete be the best they can be!
Coach Montana
Description: Hey! My name is Montana, and I’ve been coaching Tumbling and Stunting since 2013. I can teach and spot whatever tumbling skills you might need to work on for All-Star, Middle School, High School, and College Cheer. When it comes to Group Stunting and Partner Stunting, I’m your guy! I specialize in cleaning skills up until they’re perfect, as well as breaking skills down that might be hard or confusing.
Coach Peyton
Description: Peyton comes to us with an impressive coaching background with Worlds, Summit, Cheersport, and NCA championship wins under his belt. He is credentialed up to level 6 tumbling and level 6 stunting. His cheering background comes from cheering at Top Gun Miami on TGLC and OO5 before moving to Texas to cheer on Navarro where he won a NCA Grand National Championship and a National Championship his two years on the team.
Coach Savannah
Description: I love working one on one with athletes and helping them reach all of their goals! I did Allstar cheer for eight years and I’ve now found my passion for coaching and encouraging athletes to believe in themselves and reach their full potential. I coach tumbling anywhere from forward rolls to back tucks. I can also coach jumps, flyer flexibility and drills, and tryout prep!!
Coach Haley
Description: Haley has over 10 years of training and coaching experience. She is a former Division 1 college athlete (swimmer). Haley is green lighted through USASF background check. Along with Concussion Protocol, Positive Coaching Alliance, Child Abuse Prevention, SafeSport and First Aid/CPR Certified. Haley is a firm believer of progression and that “drills get skills”. She specializes in strength and conditioning, flexibility, tumbling progression, and jumps. She works great with all ages and levels but finds joy in helping educate the young, eager and under experienced athletes.
Coach Grant
Description: I have had experience in the cheerleading industry as an athlete and coach all over the DFW area! Cheering at Spirit of Texas, Cheer Athletics, and the infamous Navarro College. Over the years I have obtained experience coaching anything from level 1 tumbling/stunts to level 6 tumbling/stunts and beyond. My forte is Tumbling but I can also teach Intermediate level coed stunts, and Elite level group stunts as well as proper basing technique and flyer technique. I can spot all tumbling up to Fulls both ways! My focus is beautiful and safe technique when it comes to all things Cheerleading!
Coach Justin
Description: Justin was a multisport athlete in college; competing in everything from track & field to all-star cheerleading and basketball. He started coaching cheerleading and tumbling over 14 years ago at a gymnastics facility in New York. During his tenure he helped his women’s collegiate gymnastics team win an NCAA Title and coached at The Rochester Gymnastics Junior Olympic Training Center. Justin has numerous certifications in tumbling, coaching, and most recently his National Academy of Sports Medicine Training Certifications. One of his passions is being a resource and advocate for Athletes, Parents, and Coaches, solely focused on helping kids reach their goals!
Coach Teri
Description: I’m very passionate and committed to helping others achieve their goals and skills during our 1-on-1 private lessons. I am a Certified Fitness Professional and an IFBB Professional Athlete with 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry. I was a competitive gymnast for a private club in Seattle WA for 7+ years, a high school cheerleader and I am now a professional fitness competitor. I am blessed to be able to pass on everything I've learned in these specific areas by teaching others privately and in a team setting.

In my experience achieving your athletic goals is not a one-size-fits-all journey; I take great pride in offering a customized learning experience to meet the specific needs of each student I work with. Please reach out to schedule your private session, I will be delighted to hear from you and help in any way possible.

Coach Chrissy
Description: Hi! I can spot all skills from back bend kick overs to layouts. I love teaching handstands, back hand springs, but can easily adjust to your athletes need. I also specialize in teaching athletes about proper weight lifting techniques, procedures and resistance training. My best specialty is fun facts about Harry Potter, dinosaurs and Disney movies.
Coach Solange
Description: I have coached gymnastics for 11 years from beginners to advanced as well as pre-team and team level 4. I am detailed, structured and mainly focus on technique. It is a joy to encourage kids to learn and to do their best. My favorite skills to coach are backhandsprings and fronthandsprings.
Coach Ashley P
Description: I absolutely love helping kids learn and improve the foundational skills of tumbling, cheer, and gymnastics to build strength, confidence, and passion. I can also help with improving cheerleading jumps, motions, flexibility, and gymnastics beams and bars. I love working one on one to get to know you, see what exercises will help meet your specific goals, and I look forward to working with you!
Coach Lolo
Description: Beginning Tumbling: Cartwheels, forward and backwards roll, round offs, backbend, backbend kick overs, back and front walkovers. Intermediate Tumbling: Standing and Running back handsprings. Advanced Tumbling: Standing and running tucks. Elite Tumbling: Layouts, Arabians, Fulls, Double Fulls. I’m also good working with athletes who have a mental block.
Coach Sandi
Description: I was a competitive gymnast for 10 years. I've been coaching since I was 15 years old. I have taught all ages and levels from 18 months to 18 years both recreational and USAG level 10 Optional level. I love engaging with children of all ages, sharing my love for the sport, and helping kids achieve their goals as a gymnast.
Coach Sophia
Description: I was a gymnast for 15 years and have been coaching for a little over 2 years! I love working with kids of all ages and seeing the excitement on their faces when they get a skill they've been working so hard for! I am capable of teaching gymnastics and tumbling skills such as handstands ans cartwheels on the floor and beam, back handsprings, round offs, pull overs and back hip circles on bars and more!
Coach Kelvin
Description: I have been teaching/coaching tumbling and stunts for over 20 years at the highschool, collegiate, and all-star levels. Throughout my career, I have developed a reputation for attention-to-detail, clean skills, and effective drills. My experience cheering at the University of Hawaii and on the US National Team has guided my coaching style to center around cultivating body-awareness and control. If you’re looking for a detail-oriented tumbling instructor or someone able to teach elite level stunts, I may be a good fit for you.


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